22 August 2017

We are ready to host one of the best photography contest that includes one of the best photographer in the judging panel. Get ready to explore the world and send us your clicks and win exciting hampers that will be announced soon. Don't you worry, the proze will be the one anyone would wish for.

Tomi Saputra was born and raised in Lintau, West Sumatra and when settled in Bandung. Initially very interested in literature since the bench elementary school, began to recognize photography in high school by using a VGA camera which was becoming very popular in Symbian mobile phones that are currently popular in 2005, seriously studied photography when "Visual communication design education in Computer Unikom Indonesia (UNIKOM) Bandung in 2010, learn about street photography starting in 2013, while still working as a journalism to one of the local newspaper in Pekanbaru . And in this is starting to explore black and white photography in the digital technology, then in subsequent years seriously studying fine art photography.

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Active curator since the year 2015 for a few Instagram account include: @creative. idealism, @forumsederhana, and review + curatorial photos for @maklumfoto. In the year 2016 won the award of the 2016/EyeEm Award Finalist (Category: The Photojournalism), selected on this event exhibited in Berlin, Germany. The works on display are also incorporated into the annual event EyeEm Book Award for 2016.